Tinder is working on panic button for dating app

Tinder is working on panic button for dating app


Tinder is in the process of adding a new safety option to her app. This will bring a panic button and other security measures.

The app enters into a collaboration with Noonlight, which is an existing safety app. This app keeps track of the location of users and contacts the police if necessary. Tinder has a stake in Noonlight.

How does that work? For a date, Tinder users can use the Noonlight integration to keep track of information, such as details about the person who is going to date and where it will take place. Users can schedule an emergency report so that the police can come by in an emergency.

This sounds like it can often go wrong and the police are warned for nothing, but the makers say they are prepared for this. “Believe me, we have taken incorrect reports into account,” says CEO Mandy Ginsberg about the collaboration. “In the worst case, someone comes knocking on your door. That’s not the end of the world.”

In addition to these new security options, Tinder will also come with photo verification. This adds a check mark to the profile when it is checked whether the person is actually the person in the photo.

A third new feature is one that can detect annoying messages. Users are then asked whether they want to report this so that measures can be taken against the annoying chatter.

About 50 million people use the app, so features like this are certainly welcome. Disadvantage for us in the Netherlands and Belgium: for the time being it will only work in America. Noonlight is not active outside the United States, but that may change in the future.