Huawei new HongMeng/Ark OS, better than android version

Huawei new HongMeng/Ark OS, better than android version


The operating system with which Huawei wants to replace the Android version signed by Google after the veto of the United States continues to show signs of its development in the form of records that have been produced in recent days in different countries around the world. According to Reuters, HongMeng – the name that has been called this software – has made an appearance, in addition to Europe, in nine other countries, among which would be Canada, Cambodia, South Korea or New Zealand, between others.

A piece of information that comes shortly after knowing that Huawei would have already manufactured a million terminals with this new system and that other Asian companies such as Oppo or Xiaomi would also be testing it on their smartphones. Samples that indicate that the technology machinery of Shenzhen is working at full capacity to overcome the difficulties of not being able to establish commercial deals with US companies.

With the view in October
Although it was already known that Huawei was aiming for the launch of HongMeng – or Ark OS, as this operating system is expected to be called in the West – in China, at the end of 2019, now new data from the Tianfeng International analysis firm allow us to specify that The company would have set October as the month in which the deployment would begin. It would not be, yes, the Mate 30 Pro the first to launch with this version, but smartphones of low and medium range.

In addition, from the same source ensures that international problems will not represent an obstacle for Huawei to grow again in 2019 and managed to distribute, in the annual calculation, more terminals than in the past year. Specifically, a range of between 215 and 225 million units is indicated, thus increasing the 200 million reached in 2018.