Facebook starts trying to hide the number of reactions in posts

Facebook starts trying to hide the number of reactions in posts


The likes and reactions could soon be history as we know them in several of the leading social networks that are used daily by billions of people around the world. After experiencing some time with Instagram, Facebook – the owner of the first – seems willing to take the step and see how this decision could affect users on its leading platform, which bears his name.

This is revealed by Jane Manchun Wong, a Twitter user known for discovering software tests on these platforms, which now ensures that Mark Zuckerberg’s is beginning to experiment with this option. It is not, however, a test that is currently being extended to a large number of users, but what the first steps towards it seem.

Hidden to the public

The system designed by Facebook is identical to that of Instagram: the likes and the rest of the reactions to the publications will stop showing the total number of users who have interacted with it, leaving only the name of one of the people exposed and grouping the total remaining as “others.” In this way, nobody can know precisely the total figure, except for the account owner, who will have access to the list of people who have reacted.

The mental health and stress that can cause dependence on the number of likes, comparisons with other people and the little value that, in general, brings this number when assessing the content of a person are some of the reasons behind this decision. It remains to be seen, yes, if it ends up being implanted globally or remains as one of many experiments in the Facebook laboratory.