Privacy Policy

A news website that believes in ethics and equality, The Sat PR Wire understands the value of user privacy, and we try our best to offer the best privacy-oriented options and choices for our readers. You can find the official Privacy Policy of The Sat PR Wire below, where the ideas regarding data collection & management have been outlined. You can contact The Sat PR Wire administrative team if you still have doubts to clear regarding the terms of privacy.

User Activity Logging

Whenever a user visits, basic information of the session will be collected by the server and stored in a secure space. The data include IP address, ISP details and some data regarding clicks, exist and entry of the website. This data is based on traffic analysis and other analytical purposes.

Data Collection

Two types of data are collected from users while they are using – data that cannot be used for personal identification and data that can be used for personal identification. In both cases, the site ensures the best safety.

Non-Personally Identifiable data include the details collected during the browser session, such as the type of the device being used, the Operating System used and time being spent on the website. This data has not been connected to the individual in any way.

Personally-Identifiable Data is collected when a user interacts with the site elements. For instance, a user is required to enter their email ID and name when they have to comment on a blog post or subscribe to an email list. In that case, personal data will be collected and maintained on the server.

Storage and Sharing of Data

This website stores all the collected information in secure places. The user has the right to contact the team, upon which the data can be removed. Unless and until The Sat PR Wire reserves the right to store the data in the servers.

The Sat PR Wire does not sell or rent the data that has been collected from the user. However, data that cannot be used for personal identification may be used for analysis and demographic purposes. In that case, the website ensures the safety of the channels used and the purpose intended. Nevertheless, the website will be required to share the data with government and law enforcement upon the claim of any legality.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies to enhance the user experience on the website. However, this does not extend to purposes of tracking. Users have the complete right to prevent the website from storing cookies.

The Sat PR Wire also reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy. We hereby request all our readers to keep checking the privacy policy on a regular basis. That having said, major changes made in the policy will be notified via proper channels.