Google Maps add weather info on iOS before Android

Google Maps add weather info on iOS before Android

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Google Maps has just added a new feature: weather data now appears on maps in a badge that shows the temperature and a pictogram as a function of time. But this feature seems for the moment that on iPhone and remains to subscribers absent on Android without that we know why.

The competition of iOS and Android ecosystems sometimes leads to strange situations: it often happens that Google deploys new features first on the iPhone, before offering them on Android. Note that the opposite is also exact: Street View, for example, is still exclusive to the Android application. Eventually, all the new features will be harmonized on different platforms. But we are always surprised that the Pixel manufacturer and the main contributor to the AOSP project do as much to boost the attractiveness of the competing ecosystem.

Google Maps now displays whether on maps
But no matter: on iOS, Google Maps gets a new badge that appears on the maps at the top left. This gives brief info on the weather in the vicinity of the place you are looking at: it shows a pictogram (sun, cloudy, etc…) and temperature. The badge disappears and reappears with updated data as the user scrolls the map. The badge disappears, however, when you drop a pin on the map.

This novelty is far from the gadget, and its implementation is as simple as effective since it saves you other steps to obtain the same information. In addition, it is emphasized: it is not a badge and not a button. It is not (yet?) Possible, for example, to touch it to obtain more detailed weather data – which would be even more practical.

We were able to test ourselves this feature – which is being deployed, we told you, on the iPhone. We do not know yet when Android users will finally enjoy them too. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.