Google, Facebook Unite along with Others to Help People in Transferring Data between Applications

Google, Facebook Unite along with Others to Help People in Transferring Data between Applications

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There is a new team-up taking place between the tech giants, thanks to The Data Transfer Project. This project would help people to move their content, contacts and lot more stuff between applications. The project founded by Google, Facebook, Twitter as well as Microsoft, DTP went on to reveal their plans for having an open source data portability platform, where any online service provider make an entry. There are many companies already in existence, which let people download their information which is not that helpful to get them uploaded and use them somewhere else. This could be whether someone wants to get their knowledge evacuated from a social network which they might hate, keep the data as a backup or even bring their digital identity along when they try out a new application. The tool for Data Transfer Project is not yet ready for use, but the group of tech companies has laid out a framework on how this is going to work.

The Data Transfer Project has the potential to come up with a solution to some major problem with social networks, like one cannot find his or her friends from one particular app on another. Facebook has already been asked for the details if people would be able to transfer their social connections along with their contact information which gets historically hoarded.

DTP could very well turn out to be a blessing in disguise for start-up institutions, from getting stuff out right from the playlists in services related to music streaming to gathering health data from those which track fitness levels, to the large number videos and pictures.

The upcoming tech giants have a huge advantage in making this new function popular as they could interoperate on an instant basis with the existing data of the user, rather than make them start all over again.

In case the DTP gathers momentum throughout the industry and the founders cooperate through minimum involvement, then that could work sufficiently towards lowering the hindrances for people to get them experimenting with new applications.