In China, students are now monitored using their pen

In China, students are now monitored using their pen


Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Education approved a new surveillance device in schools. These are connected pens that allow you to know the general working time and the time required for the student to answer a question or perform an exercise.

Smart pens

In 2018, we mentioned a surprising surveillance device tested in China. It was a facial recognition device whose purpose was to ensure that students were paying attention in class. This pilot program concerned a high school in the city of Hangzhou, before a possible implementation in other establishments. Remember that the device in question can analyze the level of concentration of the students as well as their emotional state according to the expression of their face.

In an article by the local newspaper Chengdu Shangabo published in July 2022, another equally controversial system has just made its appearance. In the south of the country, in Hainan, a teacher distributed connected pens to students as part of their summer homework. Concretely, the pen equipped with a microcamera can send a notification to the teacher to inform him that the student is working. The object will also leave a trace of the writings in the cloud and will allow to download the assignments to be done.

General implementation at the start of the school year

Officially, the objective is to know the working time of the students in general and the time devoted to each exercise or question. It is a question of establishing statistics in order to identify the points requiring further explanation. The Chinese Ministry of Education claimed that this type of smart pen could strengthen homework management in schools. In particular, the notion of “full correction” of homework by teachers is highlighted.

In addition, the Chengdu Shangabo affirmed that the practice was already effective in certain areas of the city of Shanghai and the province of Yunnan. From the start of the school year, the government should extend the use of these pens throughout the country. Thus, the summer homework represented an ideal opportunity to test the method before its democratization.

Unsurprisingly, the reactions on the networks are quite mixed. Indeed, some people approve of the method and want to buy smart pens. Others, however, believe that it is an obstacle to the freedom of students. Finally, some individuals believe that the device could increase the workload of teachers.