Google Claims It Wont Sell on Face Detection Technology

Google Claims It Wont Sell on Face Detection Technology


Meanwhile, technology giant Google has said that it will not work on the controversial facial recognition technology among the world’s leading technology companies. Explain that there has been a longstanding dispute with Face Recognition Technology. Microsoft also suggested to governments around the world to control this technique.

Giving this information to Google in its blog post, Senior Vice President of Google Global Affairs, Kent Walker said, “Like many other techniques, facial recognition is also needed to be considered that it is in line with our principles and it Not too harmful. ‘

He further said that the company would deal with other entities to identify the challenges related to this technology and as well as other companies, Google Cloud will not even issue Facial Recognition API for ordinary use.

At the beginning of this month, Microsoft President Brad Smith said that the increasingly popular facial recognition technology should keep an eye on governments around the world and there is a need to make laws for monitoring it too.

It is worth noting that a few days ago Google made a Painted Appetite which is about facial recognition. With this help, Google will identify the photo through reverse image search. Online privacy experts say that Google will also use social media platforms for this patent of Google.