Facebook tracking your devices without installing the app

Facebook tracking your devices without installing the app

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Because of the low confidence of Facebook, if you have removed its app from your device, then the company can track you. This has been revealed in the study of Privacy International, a company working for the right to privacy. According to the research, if you have not installed the Facebook app on your mobile or you do not have a Facebook account, then the Facebook company can access your data with the help of another app.

While developing all such apps, the application development tool called Facebook SDK was used when they were created, they could send user data to Facebook. Famous Android apps like Duolingo, TripAdvisor, IndeeD and Sky Scanner are also sharing user data with Facebook. This research was presented in ‘Chaos Computer Congress’ in Leipzig, Germany.

61% of the apps included in the study send data to Facebook

  • In research, privacy international has studied such 34 Android apps with a user base of 10 to 50 million, which share data with Facebook.
  • In August 2018, the selected app was monitored from August to December, and it was seen what kind of data they send to Facebook. Studies have shown that app developer App Developing Tool is delivering user data to
  • Facebook via ‘Facebook Software Development Kit.’
  • The Facebook SDK tool is a free toolkit that is available for developers to develop the app. This toolkit offers many features to the developer.
  • The study included 34 Android apps. The result was found in 23 of these users automatically transmit the data automatically when the user opens.

    ‘Sharing Data Is Common’

While clarifying the results revealed by this study of privacy international, Facebook said, “Many companies share data, and it is a common practice. Sharing data is useful for both the user and the company. It helps in improving the quality of your app; it is a transparent process, which is given to the users through our data and cookies policy. ” According to Facebook, non-Facebook users can control cookies and can decide whether to show ads according to their data. However, according to the report of Privacy International, their data continues to share even if the user turns it off.