Storm Gloria in Spain: Several Dead and Many Missing

Storm Gloria in Spain: Several Dead and Many Missing


Spain and part of southern France have experienced a very significant weather phenomenon in recent days. Two departments were placed on meteorological red alert and several deaths were deplored in Spain. The storm caused heavy gusts and unleashed the sea, generating waves up to 14 meters high in places, torrential rain and an invasion of foam.

Giant waves
Between Sunday, January 19 and Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Storm Gloria hit Spain. No less than 30 provinces have been placed on meteorological alert. And for good reason, it was about gusts approaching 115km / h and a completely raging sea.

As the Catalan daily elMon explains, the town of Tossa de Mar was completely flooded and overrun with sea foam. The local authorities logically canceled the most important Christian festival of the year (El Pelegrí) organized by the city.

The storm has arrived in France
On Wednesday January 22, storm Gloria arrived in France. The departments of Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales were the subject of orange-rain-flood vigilance by Météo-France. As Le Monde explains on Thursday, January 23, the agency updated its forecasts and the two departments mentioned went into maximum red alertness. Other departments, such as Ariège and Haute-Garonne, have been placed on orange alert. On its map, Météo-France speaks of “dangerous phenomena of exceptional intensity”, the most important of which is embodied by the floods.

No less than 23,000 homes were deprived of electricity this Wednesday in the Pyrenees-Orientales, while the cumulative rain exceeds 300 mm in places! In the study, the authorities decided to close the ski resorts. In the two departments, the authorities suspended school transport for Thursday. Parents are also not advised to bring their children to school. Note that in Spain, storm Gloria left 5 dead and 4 missing. Hopefully, this record does not worsen.

Finally, be aware that MedECC experts had published a very telling study in October 2019. According to them, episodes of heavy rain in the Mediterranean could increase by 10 to 20% due to climate change. At the same time, more than 250 million people will be classified as “poor in water”, since there is talk of a decrease in the availability of fresh water of up to 15% in the next twenty years. Almost at the same time, British researchers said that severe storms and flooding in Europe will triple by 2100.