Explosive material sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton home

Explosive material sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton home


Explosive materials have been sent to the homes of former US President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on Wednesday. This content was sent to Obama’s Washington home at the New York based house of Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton. However, secret service has seized the packages sent.

The White House has expressed concern over the matter and has condemned the conspiracy to attack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others. On behalf of the U.S. Presidential Office, it has been said that such acts of terrorism are abominable.

According to the information, explosive material was sent to the houses of both the leaders. These explosive materials were sent through the courier.

According to the news agency AP, the explosive material was caught by a technical expert who checks the mails of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

According to an investigating officer, the explosive material was found at Clinton’s home in the area near New York City. He said that similar explosive material was found on October 22 at the house of billionaire George Soros.

According to news agency Reuters, the New York Police said that the explosive material was found on Wednesday morning. The matter is being investigated, to whom and for whom it has been sent. Police said that the FBI, Secret Service, and Winchester County are helping in investigating suspected explosive material.

After examining the Secret Service, it came to light that with the active explosives in the packet, white powder was also recovered. Before the statement, the packet being sent to President Obama was caught on Wednesday in Washington DC and the second packet, Clinton, was sent to New York’s Winchester County address on Tuesday. After meeting these suspected packets, the Secret Service started an intensive investigation.