China open the world's longest bridge on sea, Hong Kong to Mainland

China open the world’s longest bridge on sea, Hong Kong to Mainland


China officially opened the world’s longest bridge on the sea, connecting Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai city on Tuesday. Built on the sea, this bridge is 55 kilometers long. President Xi Jinping inaugurated a bridge built at the cost of $ 20 billion at a particular function in Zhuhai, southern China’s Guangdong province. About 700 guests, including Hong Kong and Macau leaders, joined the program. According to a report from the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, Shei inaugurated the bridge by speaking a sentence.

China’s official news agency Xinhua said that this bridge, built in Lingdingyang water area at the mouth of the Pearl River, is the world’s longest bridge on the sea. The bridge will be opened for normal traffic from Wednesday. With the construction of this bridge, the three-hour time spent traveling between Hong Kong and Zhuhai will be reduced to 30 minutes. China’s Deputy Prime Minister Han Zheng said that this bridge will bring Hong Kong and China’s mainland closer to economic and business activities. This bridge will help connect Hong Kong and Macau to China’s region.

Significantly, China had earlier inaugurated the world’s longest glass bridge. The longest and largest mirror bridge in the world was opened to the tourists in Hunan province of China. The management committee had told that the bridge is 430 meters long and six meters wide. There are three layers of transparent mirrors. This bridge is built between two rocks 300 meters above ground. According to the committee, the bridge had made world records due to its fantastic design and construction. The special thing is that the bridge is allowed to have a maximum of 8,000 passengers per day, and it has to be done a day before.