Bitcoin cryptocurrency highest value in months thanks to the "Libra"

Bitcoin cryptocurrency highest value in months thanks to the Libra


The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has managed to exceed its maximum level of the last 15 months, reaching a transaction value of 11 thousand dollars. The price increase comes shortly after the announcement made by Facebook and the new digital currency “Libra,” available from next year in select markets.

The classic digital currency, responsible for the popularity of cryptocurrencies, managed to raise its value up to $ 2,000 in the last 15 days and has revitalized the flow of a currency that had remained under the range of $ 6000 in recent months. However, it is still far from its highest peak of 20 thousand dollars achieved in 2017, followed by a huge fall in the price.

Analysts said the news of Facebook’s work in Libra was the main driver of the surge, as operators bet that the adoption of cryptocurrency technology by a major global corporation would help legitimize the industry.

Craig Erlam, the senior market analyst at financial trading firm Oanda quoted by The Guardian, said: “Bitcoin has been slowly increasing, according to its own standards, in recent months, but the release of Libra on Facebook has clearly been a catalyst for the recent increase. “