Honda shocks Brexit British

Honda President Takahiro Hachigo announces the end of the plant in Swindon, UK


The Japanese car maker Honda has announced that it will close its factory in 2021 in Swindon, UK. Honda President Takahiro Hachigo said the closure had nothing to do with the upcoming EU exit of the British. However, according to analysts, Brexit accelerated the decision of the car company.

At the Swindon factory, the Civic model has been running for over 24 years. Most recently, 150,000 vehicles were produced each year. If the plant closes in two years, the British have to import the Honda model from Japan.

The decision had been made “not recklessly,” said the response for Europe Honda manager Katsushi Inoue. The reasons included “unprecedented changes” in global automobile production.

Britain’s Economics Minister Greg Clark commented the planned closure as “devastating,” even though the decision has nothing to do with Brexit.