Donald Trump defends a decision to recall soldiers from Syria

Donald Trump defends a decision to recall soldiers from Syria


US President Donald Trump defended his controversial decision to recall soldiers from Syria, saying on Thursday that the United States has not taken the “guarding of guardians of West Asia”

He tweeted, “Has America taken a contract for the protection of West Asia in which nothing is found, but it is losing precious lives of millions of dollars and billions of dollars in protecting others, even in defense of those people Do not know the value of the work that we are doing? Do we always want to be there? This is the time to fight other people. ‘

Trump said, “Russia, Iran, Syria, and many other countries, despite what is being said in the fake news, are not happy about America’s departure because they will have to fight IS and other people without the US, whom they hate Are there. ‘

He said, ‘I am creating the most powerful army till now in the world. IS hand over us and we have destroyed them. ‘

Significantly, the US president is facing strong opposition to his announcement on Wednesday. Trump had announced that Islamic State has been defeated in the region and is calling back 2,000 US soldiers from Syria.

Foreign associates and MPs are amazed by this decision due to being very different from America’s old policy.

Earlier, Trump said in a tweet, “It is not surprising to call back soldiers from Syria. I have been campaigning for several years and six months before when I told the public to do so, then I was ready to stay for a long time. ‘

They said, ‘Russia, Iran, Syria and other countries are local enemies of IS. We are doing their work there. It’s time to come home. ‘