OnePlus 7 might be the first 5G phone of OnePlus, see First Look

OnePlus 7 might be the first 5G phone of OnePlus, see First Look


China’s company OnePlus is about to launch 5G smartphones next year. It is believed that this phone will be OnePlus 7. Although no details of the phone have been leaked yet, a picture of the new smartphone that launches has surfaced on Twitter, revealing its design.

Ishan Agrawal has posted this leaked image on his Twitter. In this photo, two officials of OnePlus are seen talking, while one of them is CEO of Pete Lau. The phone which is visible in the picture, it is being said that this phone can only be OnePlus 7. Although this is not confirmed.

On the screen of a phone presentation in the photo, the other is seen in Pete Lau’s hand. However, only the back side of the phone is visible. There is a circle on the back where the two rear cameras are being set up. Camera design looks like Motorola phones. If this is really one plus 7, then it is certain that the company is focusing more on the camera of this phone.

Let’s say that the first 5G smartphone race includes many companies. Some time ago, OnePlus also confirmed that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform would be given in the company’s first 5G smartphone. Customers will have to see the new time of speed, performance and wireless experiences with this processor.