The most expensive divorce: Jeff Bezos Amazon owner will divorce after 25 years

The most expensive divorce: Jeff Bezos Amazon owner will divorce after 25 years


The world’s richest man is getting divorced. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie Bezos have announced a divorce. This is known worldwide on Twitter. Both of these divorces will be processed in Washington, America. This would probably be the world’s first such divorce, with the highest settlement amount. Because Bezos is still the richest person in the world and his net worth is $ 137 billion (about Rs 9.5 lakh crore). Jeff Bezos shares 16 percent in Amazon.

Tell you that Bezos and Mackenzie are together for 25 years. They also contribute to reaching Amazon. Apart from this, many companies of Jeff Bezos, including a space agency Blue Origin. America’s popular newspaper The Washington Post is also now Jeff Bezos.

These two are getting divorced in a US state where the rule is that half of the money and assets between husband and wife are distributed at the time of divorce. If that happens, until the end of the divorce processing, the money can be half of the sum which means that it will be reduced from 137 billion to about 60 billion dollars. In this case, McKenzie also owes $ 60 billion as a settlement. In this situation, McKenzie will become the richest woman in the world.

Bezos and Mackenzie have given information on Divorce Processing. He said in the joint statement, “As our family and close friends know, we have decided to take the divorce, and we will be more like friends. If we knew we would be separated after 25 years, then we would do it again. ‘

Jeff McKenzie’s divorce is happening at a time when the company, about 25 years ago, has become the world’s number-1 company, leaving Amazon and Microsoft behind Apple and Microsoft. But with this divorce, it is also possible that Jeff Bezos will not be world’s No. 1 wealthier and will slip down to Bill Gates. For a long time, Bill Gates was the richest person in the world, but recently Jeff Bezos has followed him. The net worth of Microsoft founder Bill Gates is currently close to $ 95 billion.

Jeff and Mackenzie have four children – three sons and one daughter. Bezos is 54 years old, while McKenzie is 48 years old. They met during the 90’s working in New York base company D.E Shaw. Shortly after that, both Seattle shifted, and Bezos introduced Amazon, which is today the world’s number one company. According to reports, if Jeff Bezos does not take half of the money, McKenzie will still be the world’s most expensive divorce.

According to a report in USA Today, after the one year of Bejos and McKenzie’s marriage, Amazon started, on this ground, McKenzie could ask for half of the sum of Bezos’s money. It is also said in the report that apart from Amazon, apart from Bezos’s property, it will also be split in half.