Iran has been nervous by the space program, U.S. Warns

Iran has been nervous by the space program, U.S. Warns


The relations between the US and Iran are continually worsening. The trench between the two countries was deepening on the first nuclear program of Iran. After this, the gap between the two countries was broken by the US after the nuclear deal was widened. In the past year too, there were many occasions when America appeared warning to Iran on various issues. At present, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeii warns Iran about its space program.

Before proceeding, let us tell you here that under the space program, Iran is going to launch three satellites during the coming months. America has added this program to its security. It has been said from the US that Iran is going to test technical abilities in its guise. This technique can prove to be effective in relinquishing the intercontinental missile. This technique of Iran has been prepared for war with other countries including the US.

Mike has made it clear that if Iran did not stop its project, it would be banned more. Iran can not silence the US on the threat of threatening the world. They have also advised Iran to stop all its activities related to the missile program immediately, otherwise, it will have to suffer. This will not only cause economic loss but will also be isolated on the global stage. The US has told Iran’s space program against UNSC’s 2015 resolution.

In his statement, he has said that Russia launched the satellite of Iran 12 years ago, it has been established on such a route from where New York can be monitored although Iran has cleared America’s concerns by making it clear that it is not going to stop its space program. It has been cleared by Iran that its program neither violates the UN Resolution 2231 nor is it against nuclear deal.