The best international films of 2021

The best international films of 2021


Big Hollywood premieres, franchise films, streaming movies and award-winning documentaries at festivals this year wowed film critics, who pointed to their favorite international titles.

1. The Power of the Dog (Jane Campion)

“Jane Campion returns with everything in this very unusual western of incredible strength. She strips and exposes her protagonists without any remorse or condescension. Also, it simmers and you don’t really know where it goes, everything makes sense until the end . Benedict Cumberbatch is sensational. ”

2. The Rescue (Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi)

“It is a documentary about a group of children who were trapped in a cave in Thailand and are rescued by a group of elite divers who are on average more than 50 years old. It is the best action film of the year, there is no comparison with what it achieves in narrative. It’s completely absorbing. ”

3. Belfast (Kenneth Branagh)

“It is Branagh’s most personal film. He tells us about an episode from his childhood in 1969 in the northern city of Ireland. He exudes a spectacular candor for each of his pixels, he has a very clean look, a well-articulated script, and everything to us. He talks about simple people. He paints to be nominated for several Oscars. ”

4. The Dark Daughter (Maggie Gyllenhaal)

“It has a whole reflection of what motherhood means. It fascinated me. It is an uncomfortable film especially for women, it questions us a lot about family relationships, it challenges us to judge the protagonist and it is a rare look at what what it means to be a mother “.

5. The Lost Leonardo (Andreas Koefoed)

“It is a fascinating documentary about how financial speculation is woven into the art world. It begins with a painting by Leonardo da Vinci that was thought to be lost and suddenly appears, then you see how a political and economic system moves behind the world of the art auctions “.

6. CODA: Signs of the Heart (Sian Heder)

“He has very good dialogues, emotional and funny situations where empathy permeates a lot, there are great performances, I was even impressed by Eugenio Derbez himself. Although at times he acts as himself, he gives complexity and sensitivity to his character. It is one of those films that We needed them this year with all that we live. ”

7: Dune (Denis Villeneuve)

“Many people did not like it because they said that he had not told any story and that it was very empty, but he has a spectacular photography, I like that he has an impeccable special effects fabric. Villeneuve confirms that he is a great actor director and this movie has action, alien gadgets and a great narrative. ”

8. Spencer (Pablo Larraín)

“It shows the relationship that Diana had with her in-laws. She has a melancholic and lonely touch. Diana herself must deal with her insecurities, rejections and all her demons. She recounts the strict protocol of English castles and the protocol where a sensitive woman like Diana She was completely uncomfortable. It’s Kristen Stewart’s best performance. ”

9. The Last Duel (Ridley Scott)

“It is conceived in the Rashomon of Akira Kurosawa. It shows us an event in medieval France when a woman accuses a rape. Scott has a lot of merit because he weaves together the testimonies very well and is not shy about showing us graphic violence. The best thing is that he avoids patronize and opt for raw authenticity. ”

10. Love without Barriers (Steven Spielberg)

“What a challenge to throw at you at age 75 your first musical, the remake of one of the most loved and awarded of all time. I like that Ansel Elgort puts more layers on the character. Besides, the street belongs to the movie, there is more involvement of neighborhoods and people, it feels more colorful.”