The researcher claiming that red meat is not dangerous is accused of a conflict of interest!

The researcher claiming that red meat is not dangerous is accused of a conflict of interest!

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Just recently, we were talking about a study that advises adults in Europe and North America not to change their habits regarding their consumption of red meat, but the tumultuous past of the principal investigator of the same study has resurfaced, so the latter finds himself accused of conflict of interest!

Surprising conclusions
Since 2015, red meat and sausages are considered by WHO to be carcinogens for humans. This qualification was motivated by an evaluation based on more than 800 studies conducted around the world. However, a publication published in the Annals of Internal Medicine on October 1, 2019, allowed a score of researchers to provide a surprising conclusion.

According to them, adults living in Europe and North America should not change their current consumption of red meat. In other words, the average consumption of three to four servings per week would be acceptable. This review of studies led to the same conclusion regarding deli meats. In addition, recommendations usually circulating on the risks concerning this type of food have been minimized or even denied.

A past that resurfaces
In response to these conclusions, contrary to the numerous studies already carried out on the subject, we announced that these should not be much followed by the competent authorities and organizations. For example, the Global Fund for Cancer Research (WCRF) quickly indicated that it did not want to change its guidelines.

On October 4, 2019, The New York Times made a revelation about the study’s lead investigator, Bradley Johnston. The latter is part of the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology of the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University (Canada). However, the person concerned told the journal in which the study was published that he had not participated in any studies involving the risk of conflicts of interest during the last three years.

However, in 2016 Bradley Johnston led a very dubious study questioning the risks of overconsumption of sugar. The research was funded by the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), an institution funded by the big junk food pioneers – Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and PepsiCo.

Whose fault is it?
The researcher replied by stating that he was legal because the money from the ILSI had been paid to him in 2015, four years ago. According to him, he was not required to report this case. Annals of Internal Medicine also appears to have kicked in touch. The editor-in-chief has indeed stated that no one checks the statements of the researchers and that the publications were based on trust.

Do not forget to remember that if Bradley Johnston is accused of a conflict of interest, he is still accompanied by a team of researchers. Moreover, as the New York Times reminds us, the ILSI has already been talked about before. Indeed, the WHO noted that this institute had already repeatedly contradicted its recommendations to defend the interests of its financiers.