Facebook user data leak: reports that are shocking

Facebook user data leak: reports that are shocking

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Facebook had planned to sell data to users a few years ago but later decided to take action against it. According to insiders website a website that saw illegal legal court documents, Facebook workers had fixed a price of 2.5 million dollars in 2012 to give their key funds to the users of the data to the companies.

According to the report, ‘In April 2014, Facebook changed the working of the previous graph API.’ According to the report, ‘the company has restricted some data and fully restricted to the preceding version by June 2015’. According to the report of the Wall Street Journal, Facebook personnel discussed some users with the pressure to pay more for user data and more money.

According to insiders, Facebook allowed various companies to run ‘V 1.0’ of the graph API. These companies were Nissan, Royal Bank of Canada and now there are other companies other than Chrysler / Fiat, Lift, Airbnb and Netflix. While quoting a spokesperson for Facebook, it was said that in court documents, Nissan and Cristler / Fiat and other companies in addition to the Royal Bank of Canada were mistakenly named.

While defending himself, Facebook said that there is no scope for the claims of Six-Four, and we will continue to protect ourselves with full force.