Apple modified iPod touch 2019, she the special features in iPhones

Apple modified iPod touch 2019, she the special features in iPhones


According to a report from Japan’s Supply Chain Blog, Macotakara, Apple can bring modified iPod Touch and USB-C Cables for iPhones in 2019. 9 to 5 Mac said on Monday, “Detailed explanation of the features that change the new iPod is unclear at this point, but it is a long time for an update. The report also says that 2019 iPhones can switch over to USB-C.

The iPod Touch is primarily designed to look at the youth who are not ready for the smartphone, and its sixth generation was launched in 2015, whose Apple has continued to sell for $ 199 in 329 GB with 32 GB storage. The report says, “Next, Macotakara says that working on the USB-C transition of the iPhone indicates that it has not yet reached the reference design phase.”

The iPhone manufacturer had introduced the USB-C Cables with the iPod Price in 2018. It has been said in the report that despite having a good record of Macotakara, like other supply chain sources, it can also struggle to get additional information like at the time of launch.

It is worth noting that Apple can present three new iPhones in 2019. One of these iPhones can also have three rear cameras. However, the company has not provided any information about this. The Apple 3D rear facing camera can be given in the new iPhone that launches in 2019. Along with this, the company is preparing to bring the OLED screen for all models from the year 2020.