This Chinese smartwatch will try to stand up to the Apple Watch

This Chinese smartwatch will try to stand up to the Apple Watch


For a while, technological hegemony does not belong only to the United States; we can see that Chinese brands are reaching large companies throughout life in terms of performance and supply. No area is free of this competition, nor smartwatches.

The Huami brand will launch two new smartwatches in the next few days with which it will try to continue its progress in the sector. One of them aims to compete directly with the Apple Watch, although it still has no official name.

As announced by the company, on August 27 both watches will go on sale. The most anticipated will have a battery life of 10 days, and the screen design will be square with a higher resolution than Apple Watch although these details are about to be assessed since no device has been accessed yet.

It is not even known if it will be within the Amazfit Sports Watch, AmazfitBip line or if it will belong to a new one. From Huami, the mystery is being kept until the last moment and, in the absence of a week, practically everything remains to be clarified.

The other smartwatch will be AmazfitStratos 3, a watch for the sports field that will seek to compete with Garmin or Polar and that has stood out for its low cost despite the optimal performance. It will include more than a dozen sports, monitoring all daily activity, storage for music and little else is known. It is not yet clear if he will read electrocardiograms, for example.

As is happening with the expected televisions that Xiaomi will present, it seems that the mystery has taken over the promotions of other devices. The next 29 we will be watching what Huami announces to see what its bet is in the sector.