Motorola RAZR is coming back with a turning display

Motorola RAZR is coming back with a turning display

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About 14 years ago Motorola launched a flip phone Motorola RAZR. This phone was one of the world’s most popular handsets. Once upon a time, this Motorola RAZR is going to return. More than a decade has passed, and it is full of new technology. So there will be considerable changes in Motorola RAZR. But interestingly, it will look like the old Motorola Razor in view.

A recent registration has been observed in the World Intellectual Ptyty Organization, and here you can see the first glimpse of Lenovo’s Motorola razor remake. It has a folding display. It was filed on 17 December 2018. According to a report of 91mobiles, it will have a folded screen and will work together to create a Clamshell smartphone. One screen will be, and the other will be smaller.

According to the report of The Wall Street Journal last week, Motorola is preparing to launch Motorola RAZR and it will be priced at $ 1500 and will have a foldable screen. The report looks like this smartphone probably will be a Limited Edition, because if you convert $ 1500 into Indian Rupees, then it is 1.7 lakh rupees. However, no official teaser or statement has come from the company.

When Nokia returned with the Android smartphone, the Nokia 3310 was relaunched. Next, the Nokia 8810 was relaunched. So if Motorola launches Motorola RAZR, then there will be no big deal.

Designer Paul Pearce has told Motorola RAZR V3 to the Senate, ‘It seems that there is a chance to revive the old phone, but it can not be done for gimmicks only. We have to think about what to make a breakthrough. At the moment, it will be hasty to say, because now only its patent has been seen in which there is a diagram that can be understood as to how it will be presented with the foldable screen. Let’s tell you that Samsung has presented the concept that soon it will bring its smartphone with its foldable display.

Now you can take the foldable display as a breakthrough. However, in the coming days, information related to Motorola RAZR will be revealed. For specifications, it will be the top hardware available. It would be interesting to see if this smartphone comes in the market, then its response will be compared to the real Motorola Razor.