Twitter Acquires Breaker, One of The Most Complete Podcast App

Twitter Acquires Breaker, One of The Most Complete Podcast App


And we already have Twitter’s first acquisition of the year: Breaker. A podcast app with many functions that positioned it as one of the best options.

What will happen to Breaker, and what will bring to the Twitter experience. We tell you the details below.

Goodbye to one of the best podcast apps

While we have lots of podcast apps that offer powerful features, Breaker was one of the first to add a social touch to create community and a dynamic that can be customized, depending on the user’s criteria.

And while it has enjoyed great popularity, it is now changing course. Both Twitter and The Breaker team have announced the acquisition and shared details of their new plans.

What will happen to Breaker? The Breaker team will join Twitter, so the app will disappear next January 15. So they encourage users to switch to another podcast platform. To do this, they will have to download the OPML file from Breaker to bring it to the new application. Or just save it, until the user decides which podcast platform to use in the future.

And in the case of those who have their podcasts on Breaker, they will have to transfer it to another platform using the RSS feed. Of course, you will be given a period of time to perform this process and keep your content safe.

New Twitter acquisition to boost Audio Spaces

And what will be the role of The Breaker team on Twitter? As they have announced, they will contribute to healthy conversations on Twitter. Last year, we already had a lot of Twitter features dedicated to this purpose. Features have been added that encourage users to join conversations, more options are provided to filter only the content they are interested in and keep trolls out of the way.

And the arrival of Breaker equipment and technology follows this same goal, but they will be dedicated especially to Audio Spaces (or audio spaces). That feature they announced last year and that promises public live voice rooms. So beyond tweets, users will be able to communicate via audio.

At the moment, this feature is still in beta, but it could be one of Twitter’s bets for this 2021. More considering that this year we will continue to see the consequences of the pandemic, so users will continue to turn to digital media to connect and share, whether within their own environment or on social media.

Twitter has not given many details about Audio Spaces, and perhaps one of the most worrying points is what steps they will take so that they do not become a new space that is taken advantage of by trolls and creates more headaches for the platform.