Shielding, an essential cybersecurity strategy to protect digital assets

Shielding, an essential cybersecurity strategy to protect digital assets


Mexico is located in 52nd place, out of 182 countries, of the Global Cybersecurity Index, of the International Telecommunications Union, with a rating of 81.68, according to data from the Mexican Senate. In addition, the statistical information platform Statista places the country in second place among Latin American countries with the highest number of cyberattacks in 2020, accumulating almost 28 percent of these. In this context, experts in the field consider that shielding, as a cybersecurity strategy, is essential for the protection of digital assets.

According to the company A3Sec, specialized in cybersecurity, digital assets include emails, social networks or even bank accounts and information in the cloud. The care of these elements through shielding is currently essential, says Israel Gutiérrez, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of A3Sec. As an example, he mentions the economic losses caused by the fall of an application or a web page with sales or service operations, due to the violation of such assets in a cyber attack.

To carry out the shielding of a company, the CTO recommends starting by recognizing what digital assets it has. Next, these must be protected by strong passwords and the publication of sensitive information in relation to them must be avoided.

Potential data breaches must also be permanently identified, the expert points out, through the assistance of specialized prevention, detection and reaction services. This to complement the limitations of the companies’ internal systems teams and to respond to the need for cutting-edge technology in response to cybersecurity advances. In this way, A3Sec highlights, higher levels of security are guaranteed for the systems and digital assets of an organization or company.

These experts emphasize the need, in terms of cybersecurity, to have effective tools for detection and reaction, as well as prevention. Regarding the usefulness of these tools, Gutiérrez highlighted for NotiPress the approach of his company, called Unified Cybersecurity Operation. This consists of a control panel with automated responses, through the use of machine learning and deterministic models. With this, he increases the efficiency of cybersecurity tasks and operations, which include adaptive security operations, where problems are addressed from the understanding of the security architecture of each company, with support in the cloud.

Due to the increasing prevalence of the digital operation and presence of companies, it is necessary for them to maintain a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. In this sense, shielding, through prevention, detection and reaction processes, could be an effective weapon to respond to the increase in cyberattacks on companies, the specialists consider.