Wars over Office-Messaging App Come to an End with Slack Winning the Battle

Wars over Office-Messaging App Come to an End with Slack Winning the Battle


Atlas Sian, the software company, has launched a new app for the chat in the workplace called Stride, which is aimed to tackle a similar app known as Slack. Through a blog post back in March, Atlas Sian had expressed their thrill due to the excitement which they could notice among those teams, which had adopted their platform to communicate.

Now, Atlas Sian is exiting two of its products, Stride along with their previous workplace Hip Chat App. They have officially stated that they would discontinue the two products by 15th Feb 2019 and hence move out from the communications business.

Add to this; the company is also transferring their intellectual property rights for Stride as well as Hip Chat to Slack, as part of a deal which the companies have described as a partnership. The users will get migrated from Atlas Sian to Slack. The software company has also made an equity investment in Slack, which is small according to Slack but bears importance on a symbolic basis. The companies have not disclosed the terms regarding the deal.

The deal has almost confirmed what a large number of office workers are already aware of, that Slack has turned out to be one of the most dominant tools for messaging at workplaces. The company takes pride in having more number of active users than the product of the competing teams of Microsoft. Includes many of those, who are quite surprisingly passionate about it.

According to the CEO of Zippier, Wade Foster, it was in the year 2014, when Slack had started to eat away into the market share of Hip Chat. A zipper is an organization that offers tools, which enable users to connect with all different kinds of cloud-hosted applications. The data provided by Zippier shows that the number of people who have linked Slack to other apps has crossed the number of people who had done the same thing with Hip Chat at the far end of 2014.

There was a decline among the number of users using Hip Chat with Zippier, hence leading to a significant increase in the number of those who use Slack.