Apple Launches, Next Generation Credit Card, Name: "Apple Card"

Apple Launches, Next Generation Credit Card, Name: “Apple Card”


Apple Company is known for its strong iPhone. Everyone very well likes the company’s MacBook. However, the company is also preparing to provide the rest of the services to the users along with their smartphones. Let Apple know that Apple has been working on its credit card for a long time.

Which the company has finally launched as “Apple Card.” This is a Next Generation Credit Card, in which the company has launched a lot of advanced features. The company has partnered with Goldman Sachs to make its first credit card a success. Whereas, the Master Card company for the Global Payments Network will cooperate.

Apple Card will get cashback through talking about its credit card, and Apple has said that the built-in Apple Wallet has been introduced in the card. That’s why users will not have to move about this card all the time. Users can do all their transactions with the help of smartphones. That is, users can simply use a credit card in their smartphone through an app.

The company told that Apple Card will support all those places that Apple Pay supports. Apple company said that users will not have to pay any type of late fees, international fees, overcharge fees or annual fees in the card.

The company will launch this card within a few months to come. Users can use it anywhere in the world, at any store or online. Not only this, but Apple has also introduced Rewards Points with their cards, which is named “Daily Cash.” Due to Daily Cash, the user will be given some cashback on every transaction.

The company said that if users use the card at any Apple store, they will be given 3 percent cash back. Apple says that users with Apple Wallet app can also view reports by organizing expenses. At the same time, expenses can also be tracked. Explain, the company will present its card in the physical version, which would be made of titanium. This card will run in places where Apple Pay will not support.