Judge Finds That Apple Infringed One of Qualcomm's Patents;iPhones Won't Be Banned

Judge Finds That Apple Infringed One of Qualcomm’s Patents;iPhones Won’t Be Banned


The patent war between Qualcomm and Apple is coming to some end. According to the newest ruling from the court, it has been found that Apple had violated one Qualcomm patent. It must be noted the number of alleged patent violations was quite higher than one. However, the judges also added that Apple iPhones could not be banned in the light of this single patent violation. The US International Trade Commission Judge said that he could not recommend the suggested import ban. Indeed, Qualcomm is not just unhappy but raged by this unexpected judgment from the panel.

“We are pleased the ALJ found infringement of our patented technology, but it makes no sense to allow then infringement to continue by denying an import ban. That goes against the ITC mandate to protect American innovators by blocking the import of infringing products. There are many ways Apple could stop infringing our technology without affecting the public interest,” said Donald Rosenberg, the General Counsel of chip-maker giant Qualcomm. According to his statement, Qualcomm will be keen to find a positive response from the commission and move on with other patent-based lawsuits. On the other hand, Apple is happy that the judge has ‘stopped Qualcomm’s attempt.’

As said, the opinion from the judge is not the final. The claims would further go through the US International Trade Commission, which will be making the final decision. In most cases, the recommendation by the judge is given first importance, and it is likely that Qualcomm may face the same fate after the review. If that happens, Qualcomm will not be able to get the license fees for infringing patents and sharing confidential data with its competitor, Intel. The fight between Qualcomm and Apple has impacted many Apple devices. No Qualcomm chips were found in the latest iPhone, for instance.