This robot can prepare 300 pizzas of 30 cm in one hour

This robot can prepare 300 pizzas of 30 cm in one hour


An American start-up has developed a robot capable of preparing several hundred pizzas per hour, a quantity varying according to size.This machine boosted with artificial intelligence is cut to prepare the best pizzas.

300 pizzas in one hour!
On October 1, 2019, the Seattle Times newspaper unveiled the machine made by a local company called Picnic. It is an automated pizza assembly platform. However, the least we can say is that the robot in question is surprising by its performance. Indeed, the latter is able to prepare 300 pizzas of 30 cm or 180 pizzas of 45 cm in one hour.

The only human intervention is the pizza dough, which is to be placed on the conveyor. Then the robot takes care of the rest. This ranges from the arrangement of the tomato sauce to the placement of the cheese and the choice of filling with several customizable modules. In addition, the robot automatically receives the commands by means of a parameterization to be carried out from an integrated tablet.

A robot already on trial
Picnic CEO Clayton Wood said his robot would be ideal in places where a lot of pizzas are made. It would be for example pizzerias making a lot of deliveries as well as stadiums gathering a lot of people. Although this machine is still in the prototype stage, it is already being tested in two locations. They are Zaucer’s pizza restaurant in Washington, DC, and Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, the Mariners’ baseball stadium.

The Zaucer pizzeria manager believes that it is a question of helping the staff to be more efficient, while doubling – even tripling – the yield. At first, these few pizzaiolos robots can be rented by the month, but a final version should be marketed in a more or less close future.

Robots and pizza, a great love story? Let’s mention the concept of permanent pizzeria of the French start-up Pazzi with a pizzaiolo autonomous robot at the controls. There is also the work of a team of MIT researchers who have developed a neural network called PizzaGAN. This one is able to recognize different types of pizza by observing simple photos.