Amazon on fire: Bolsonaro does not expect to accept the 20 million G7

Amazon on fire: Bolsonaro does not expect to accept the 20 million G7


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro recently expressed his intention not to accept the $ 20 million pledged by the G7 countries. This “kitty” was aimed at fighting the fires currently raging in the Amazon.

Unless you live in a cut-off cave of the world, you know that the Amazon is currently in flames. Since January, the region has reported more than 80,000 fire departures, most of them voluntary. A real environmental tragedy that, for the past few days, has captured the attention of millions of people around the world. Following this stir, the main G7 leaders, who were held a few days ago in Biarritz, announced their intention to release $ 20 million to “help Amazonian countries fight against forest fires and launch a global initiative in the long term to protect the rainforest “. An initiative returned from a setback on Monday by the Brazilian president.

“What does he want to teach our country? “
“We appreciate the move, but perhaps these resources would be better used to reforest Europe,” said Onyx DornellesLorenzoni, the president’s chief of staff. He then spoke of French President Emmanuel Macron, ironically about the fire that was ravaging the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. “Macron can not even prevent a predictable fire in a World Heritage church. What does he want to teach our country? He has plenty to do at home and in the French colonies. ” It refers here to Guyana, bordering Brazil, which is home to part of the forest. “Brazil is a democratic, free nation and has never had colonialist and imperialist behavior, as that may be the goal of Frenchman Macron,” he added.

Tensions do not seem to subside between Emmanuel Macron and his Brazilian counterpart who, a few days ago, attacked the physique of Brigitte Macron, the wife of the French president.

Sub-Saharan Africa also affected
Also remember that if all eyes are currently on the Amazon basin, another tragedy is playing on the African continent. In Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania or Zambia, where thousands of fires have ravaged the vegetation in recent weeks. Most of these fires are believed to be of agricultural origin (burns). Local farmers use fire to clear and burn farmland debris to prepare for the next season.