Young adults drinking themselves to death by making alcohol their best friend for the hangout

Young adults drinking themselves to death by making alcohol their best friend for the hangout

Health Press Release

We all know better what’s right and what’s wrong for our health still we are freaking to go with a trend of the show-off. If also we don’t like it, but we find it to be the status of modernity among our friends and relatives. This is the thoughts of today’s youth which are always taken in aggressive mode but what we as parents can do? It’s your choice no one can force you to implement on it. It’s up to you- that you get involved with your kids’ thoughts directly, or you try to mold it with your thoughts and theirs as well.

Alcohol- a temporary fun with permanent consequences. People who drink regularly or we can say drunker can never make straight decisions in life ever. He cannot think about the future. Doctors say – It doesn’t take years of drinking to damage your body or liver. It can happen anytime. There they found a rough calculation for their study- that it takes 10year of abundant drinking to get suffered by Cirrhosis. This disease is caused by a virus like hepatitis C or by fatty liver. This problem arises only when the alcohol intake becomes high in your body than the average level which then leads to this, and then to liver cancer and death. These things can get controlled only when the government takes some serious steps against alcohol shops and license that are given them to open shops in every area. These things need to be banned and if done illegally should pay a substantial penalty for this.

This week, the National Centre of Health Statistics reported some data which includes- the death rates of people by up to 43% due to liver cancer from 2000-2015. This upsurge made liver cancer the 6th leading origin of the disease in 2016, which was earlier in 9th position during 2000. Researchers have come up with some vaccines that can prevent hepatitis B and some drugs that can prevent hepatitis C as well. But do you think this can be enough for the relief of not having cancer? No, this medication can treat you for a while but can’t save you from permanent death. Only we can cure our diseases if we pledge to fight for it, we can stand for our bad habits against Cancer. Alcohol is always underestimated as a cause of Cancer in many states till date which is not fair enough to conclude it by saying- man can take 2 drinks in a day and women can make a bottle in a day. This need to stop as soon as possible.

WHO World Health Organization wrote – the US is the state where alcohol consumption found in colossal ration where Scotland stands for the first state for alcohol all over the world.

HERB is the healing of a NATION; ALCOHOL is the DESTRUCTION.