Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Passes Away at 65

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Passed Away at 65


Those who have explored the history of Microsoft would be familiar with the name Paul Allen — who took the effort of co-founding Microsoft Corporation along with Bill Gates. This mastermind, who later turned into space exploration and even music, has died at the age of 65. He was suffering from the impacts of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which was supposed to have gone away but had revitalized in the recent time of his life. The statement was shared by Vulcan Inc, a company that Paul Allen was heartily a part of. He was at Seattle when the demise happened.
Paul Allen became one of the pioneers of personal computing revolution when he co-founded Microsoft — along with the now-billionaire Bill Gates. It was Allen who influenced Bill Gates to launch such a firm, for which he had to drop out of Harvard while Paul Allen got out of Washington State University. Both these childhood friends managed to start a revolution when they designed the Disk Operating System for IBM in 1980. The rest of the story is history, where Microsoft becomes the cornerstone of the PC industry and goes a long way to becoming the technology giant of today.
He has not been an active part of the company all along, although he has retained the shares. Paul Allen had left Microsoft back in 1983, but even before that, this Microsoft co-founder was diagnosed with cancer and has been taking medication. In the meantime, Paul Allen founded a few companies of his own, the top-most one being Vulcan Inc. Vulcan Inc, primarily into investment, has been making major investments on a variety of companies including Stratolaunch, a high-end startup that wants to launch rockets from airplanes that are already on the sky. He was also investing in various music ventures and has even released a blues-rock album of his own.