China announces the delivery of quantum computer

China announces the delivery of quantum computer


China was the third country after Canada and the US to be capable of delivering a quantum computer that is suitable for use, made of technology entirely by the Asian huge.

The computer created in collaboration with Origin Quantum, named 24-qubit Wuyuan, is built on the superconducting chip technology and was handed over to an unidentified user over a year ago, Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post published this morning.

The data released Monday by the Science and Technology Daily journal is the first official proof that this revolutionary technology has been utilized in real-world applications in China.

The report also mentions that Origin Quantum, a company established at the end of 2017 by Guo Guoping and Guo Guangcan, quantum physicists at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), has produced numerous computers similar to this since the release of the Wuyuan in 2021.

The 24-qubit Wuyuan, China, joins the elite group of countries that can deliver quantum computers. This follows Canada, which sold its first version in 2011, and the US, which did the same in 2019 using IBM.

This type of technology employs quantum bits, or elementary units (also known as qubits), to replace the numbers 0 and 1 used in conventional computing.

Quantum computing can be used for various purposes, including the ability to solve problems in just a few seconds when working at full speed in the near future algorithms that would require many hundreds of thousands of years to develop with traditional computers.

In an interview published on Monday by the local paper The Paper, Origin Quantum co-founder Guo Guoping stated that the technology could bring tangible advantages in everyday life within three to five years.

“Quantum computers can be used as accelerators. For instance, a task which can take a month to solve using ten traditional supercomputers, if the quantum computer is integrated into the pool of computing, computation time could be decreased from 3 days down to just seven days,” Guo said.

In August, Baidu, the Chinese technological company Baidu announced the launch of its quantum computer, which has open access to users via a platform that allows it to be used with any device.

Several analysts predict that the scale of industrial quantum computing will be as large as 800 billion dollars (116 trillion US dollars, millions of euros) by 2031. significant companies are implementing quantum computing technology within the next decade.