Casio launches a watch inspired by NASA's space missions

Casio launches a watch inspired by NASA’s space missions


If you’re a lover of NASA missions, Casio has unveiled a space mission-themed wristwatch that, while out of stock right now, promises new batches of units over the next few weeks.

There are many wristwatches that try to be inspired by space events, but Casio’s association with NASA is unique and that is why it is a watch that, although it does not have many technical boasts beyond its aesthetics, has He managed to sell his first units very quickly, and only in a few hours.

From the official website you can buy the limited edition DW5600NASA20 G-Shock watch that is basically a digital watch like the one you have ever had in your life, but with a very particular aesthetic.

In fact, the wrapper is inspired by a space shuttle where the clock lies inside. Speaking of the design itself, we have the NASA logo on the central dial, along with the relevant time, day of the week and date, without too much fanfare.

You can also find the flag of the United States on the strap and perhaps a peculiarity of this watch is that when the light is activated, the Moon appears engraved on the back.

In the product specifications that you can find on the official page there is nothing striking and basically it is a digital watch of a lifetime, but the fact that it is an unprecedented collaboration, with a very particular design and packaging Keep in mind, it makes your $ 130 for sale very attractive to the public.