Baby Yoda replica now available as a pre-order

Baby Yoda replica now available as a pre-order


The Mandalorian was the series that many fans were looking forward to. However, the hero of the series was not The Mandalorian himself, but the real hero is Baby Yoda.

The moment Star Wars: The Mandalorian introduced us to Baby Yoda was the moment that everyone visited the nicest merchandise on Google. There was only one problem, namely that there was no merchandise from Baby Yoda at all.

Now there are many t-shirts available and countless other variants of toys and stuffed animals. Full of expectation we are waiting for the pre-order to finally arrive at our door, but in the meantime we can only enjoy ourselves with images of the best Baby Yoda merchandise.

Yet in addition to waiting for the great hugs and toys that will be released soon, another great addition. Slideshow makes a real life-sized Baby Yoda replica for just $ 350. It is not yet known when this will appear – and it is certainly not the cheapest option – but for a replica that really looks one to one like The Child, it is worth it. Compared to the five million pop used for the series, $ 350 is nothing at all. It is expected to be released around August-September.

The replica is just as cute as Baby Yoda itself, they even copied his down hairs on his head. He also has the silver button that Baby Yoda attached so much value to in the series.

In the fall of 2020, The Mandalorian returns, which means that we can look at brand new content from our hero Baby Yoda.