5G: iPhone 12 smaller notch and flat edges

5G: iPhone 12 smaller notch and flat edges


Visually, the iPhone 12 should be closer to the design of the iPad Pro.

While its launch window is still uncertain, the iPhone 12 is revealed a little more. According to the American site Bloomberg, the future Apple smartphone should largely resume the design of the iPad Pro 2018, with flat edges and no longer curved as is the case with the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 chassis should be stainless steel with more rounded corners, bringing the design of the smartphone closer to that of the tablet. It would also question that the phone sports a smaller notch (1/3) on at least two models which would make Face ID more discreet.

Forecasts in line with those of Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst specialist at Apple, who announced a return to basics for the design of the iPhone 12. There has even been talk that the phone largely resumes the design of the iPhone 4. With flat edges and therefore more pronounced. Bloomberg’s information seems to point in this direction.

The American media also reports, based on sources familiar with the matter, that the iPhone 12 would ship a LiDAR 3D scanner, as on the iPad Pro 2020. It will improve the augmented reality experiences.

As for its launch window, Bloomberg says that some new models could be released several weeks after their presentation. They would still be launched sometime in the fall.