Wind power is on the rise: new parks will be smaller and produce even more electricity

Wind power is on the rise: new parks will be smaller and produce even more electricity


In Wallonia, it is only the 2nd wind farm that will soon be renewed. But this is only the beginning. In Europe, at least 34,000 old generation wind turbines will have to be dismantled in the next 5 to 10 years, reveals our colleagues from the editions of the future. This is one of the topics developed by Cyril in the 8/9 press review.

Almost three times the power

In Perwez, the 8 wind turbines east of the E411 don’t have long to turn in the wind. Eneco Wind Belgium recently received the town planning permit authorizing it to dismantle these turbines installed between 2005 and 2006, reports the daily, news relayed by Cyril on 8/9.

This project to increase the power of a wind farm will be only the second to be carried out in Wallonia, after that of Sainte-Ode, in the province of Luxembourg, where six wind turbines were replaced last June by four new ones. Two other replacement projects are also under consideration in Bütgenbach and Gembloux.

Cyril reminds us that this industrial challenge also opens up the question of recycling old wind turbines. This question is crucial for the sector which, in a context of phasing out nuclear power throughout Europe, is facing an anti-wind bashing writes the daily. Regarding the intermittent nature of their production but also the pollution that they would generate: concrete, blades, metals, oil It is most often the regulations for waste management that apply for the components, our colleagues from the ‘to come up.

Less wind turbines for more electricity

In Wallonia, as elsewhere in Europe, these replacement operations will only gain momentum in the near future. According to a report by WindEurope, the European Wind Energy Federation, in the next five to ten years at least 34,000 wind turbines that are 15 years or older and have a power of 36 gigawatts, will be dismantled on the old continent.

With the operational lifespan of an onshore wind turbine being 20 to 25 years, WindEurope expects the revitalization of aging wind farms to be a major trend over the next decade. Not to mention that the rapid evolution of technology is also pushing operators to anticipate or accelerate the replacement of their old mills.