Warning to immigrants from America / Trump - 'Our country is full', go back

Warning to immigrants from America / Trump – ‘Our country is full’, go back

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US President Donald Trump, using the issue of immigrants, does not want to leave any stone unturned to strengthen the 2020 presidential election campaign. Recently, they reached the city of Calexico, meeting with border patrol agents on the US border. Talking to the soldiers here, Trump said that the problem of migrants is making a huge difference in our system and we can not let this happen. After this Trump told people who were performing in Mexico City on the crossroads in Mexico City, that the US is filled, we can not keep more people here. It would be better if you go back.

Face-to-face protesters on the border
Protestors from both countries were also face-to-face on the US-Mexico border on Friday. There were 200 protesters in Mexico-based Mexico. Border had a giant balloon of baby trump (diaper cloth). At the same time many people had a board in their hand, which had written – Stop separating families and if you build a wall then our generation will uproot it. There were also hundreds of people gathered on the US side. In his posters slogans like ‘Make the wall’ were written.

Border closure threat: Trump
Earlier Trump said in Washington that the danger of shutting down their border is working slowly because Mexican officials have started to stop people from going to America. He said that Mexico’s behavior has improved considerably for the past four days.

A case on Trump decision to impose Emergency
Meanwhile, the lower house of the American Parliament (Congress) House of Representatives has filed a federal lawsuit against Trump’s decision to build a wall on the border. It has been said that Trump has used more than enough of its constitutional powers by putting an emergency to build a wall on the border. The complaint has also been filed against several departments and their officers.

Indeed, the strength of the President increases in the Emergency and it can bypass the rules of Parliament and raise funding from different government departments. This will make the wall sooner. According to the reports, with Emergency, they can get $ 8 billion (55 thousand crore rupees) by cutting the expenditure of the departments. It is much more than the demanded $ 5.7 billion (40 thousand crore rupees) for building the wall. On this, the House of Representatives says that trump’s way of raising money for the wall in this manner is unconstitutional, as per the constitution, the right to control funding is only for the Parliament.

Pentagon has released $ 1 billion

Trump had announced an emergency call in February to raise fund to build a wall on the Mexican border. He had said that if Congress (US Parliament) did not give 5.7 billion dollars (about 40 thousand crores) for the wall, then again shut down the government. However, later the country’s Defense Department (Pentagon) had released the amount of $ 1 billion (Rs 7,000 crore) for the wall.