Losing to fast the rings of the Saturn

The Saturn will rings losing to fast


Usually, Saturn’s invention of the planet is sometimes a trouble-maker, and sometimes it is a planet of success. The mysterious planet is also beautiful, around which big rings look like a crown. These rings of ice decorated around the Saturn planet are counted among some of the most attractive and mysterious objects of the solar system. However, scientists believe that these rings of Saturn will soon disappear in that time, ie about 3 hundred million years.

In terms of size, Saturn was the first known planet after Jupiter, first seen in 1610, in 1656, Christian Hagnos saw its rings. These Saturn are made of snow and cliffs, which are shaped from a few centimeters to several meters. These rings are continuously orbiting Saturn while staying in their periphery.

According to the study published in the scientific journal Icarus, Saturn, which is melting the rings of the sixth planet from the sun, is falling in the form of rain in the form of rain. Their speed of getting ice water is so high that in about half an hour a full Olympic size swimming pool can be filled. Scientists have begun to call it to ring rain.

Earlier it was believed that due to the ring rain, the rings of Saturn will disappear completely in 3 hundred million years. Although recently Cassini Spacrufft revolted around the rings of Saturn and his conclusion says that these rings are only going to take a hundred million years to end.

The ages of these rings of Saturn have not been tested yet, but it is believed that they have been built recently for some hundred billion years, that is, they are younger than the rest of the universe. It is believed that there may have been similar rings around other major planets such as Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune which disappeared with time.

Scientists believe that these rings would have been even more shiny and bigger at the time of dinosaurs, which for some reason have gradually started to raining and raining. This may have happened with other rings of other planets, even though these rings still remain a mystery to the scientists.

The occurrence of the water of rings is becoming very fast and continuous. The scientists have not been able to reach the root cause and are continuously conducting research. By the way, the speed of the rain is increasing, the danger of the rapid disappearance of the rings cannot be ruled out.