Gala opens countdown to its 50th anniversary of 1st MOON landing without Buzz Aldrin

Gala – 50th anniversary of 1st MOON landing without Buzz Aldrin


Media needs just a pinch of the topic to make it spicy and exciting. Their work says them to do that even they are also bound for it. Every person has his/her problems by which are surrounded by, but that doesn’t make them a criminal or a wrong person to be judged. There was a massive celebration on the 50th anniversary of 1st Moon Landing where different people came from all over the world to attain it, famous astronauts also happened to make that even more special, but the former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin was absent that day. His absence created a topic the next day everywhere in social media, magazines, etc. His non-profit Space Education Authority is a sponsor of it and is also known to be the star attraction of center. This ceremony was held a small part of auction also. All attended it only Brian Cox didn’t.

Branson said – space is still rocklike, very hard. It genuinely matters. He was a person whose company is developing and expanding new generation commercial spacecraft. When Aldrin was asked the reason behind his absence on such a mega event we come to know about this

He said – I didn’t attend it because of the objections and allegations over my foundation that is going on legal procedures matters me a lot. This is so not possible for me to take it which nowadays hamper me mentally and have made me unstable. My oldest son James is not muddled in these legal fights. This foundation was in my view, and now it’s been promoted at a different level.

Aldrin formed share space Foundation in 1998 for the advancement of respective space patron. He was the only person who was the part of Apollo 11 mission which docks the first 2 humans on the moon on July 20, 1969, along with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

Renowned Brazilian pop artist Romero Britton bequeaths few of his artwork from his BUZZ ALDRIN SPACE SERIES for this auction that held in California. Ticket for this number 1 celebration bias from $750 to $2500 per person. Griffin wanted us to hear this- It’s very chastening and amiable to come out of the sky. He with full dignity said- it is so elegant to know that we have elapsed the torch for our next generation that will take us to the next level which means – returned of Americans to the Moon & Mars.