Russia sends X-ray telescope to space to find black holes

Russia sends X-ray telescope to space to find black holes


Black holes are one of the most interesting phenomena for lovers of space exploration. And now it is possible that a new era in history has opened to understand these formations.

According to reports, the people of BBC News after quite a while of silence Russia has returned with a new project of space observation. With the launch of the Spektr-RG telescope.

An X-ray device that will take about 100 days before the toy reaches Lagrange Point 2, where it will be installed to conduct studies at 1,609,344 kilometers from Earth.

This telescope was developed in a team with engineers from Germany, and once installed it will work for a period of six and a half years to detect an estimated 100,000 galaxy clusters, hundreds of thousands of active stars and 3 million supermassive black holes.

All thanks to its X-ray technology that will allow you to track and map all these spatial phenomena. In the end, if everything goes well, you would get an unprecedented plane of the cosmos.

It could even help us to understand with greater magnitude the role of dark energy in the processes of cosmic expansion.

With this launch of the Spektr-RG, Germany and Russia would be placed at the head of the space exploration by means of X-rays.

Soon we could see the first results of this project.