NASA's Spacecraft broke the record of approaching the sun

NASA’s Spacecraft broke the record of approaching the sun


American Space Agency NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has set a new record. This man-made object, which was closest to the surface of the Sun, was launched in August this year.

NASA said that on October 29 at around 1.04 pm, it had passed the records of 4.27 million km. Earlier, German-American Helios-2 aircraft had made the record of the closest approach to the Sun in 1976.

Let’s say that in August this unmanned SPACECRAFT was launched at the cost of $ 1.5 billion. The goal of this mission is to protect the earth by exposing the secrets of the dangerous solar storm. The Space Agency said that on October 29 at about 10.54 pm, it could break the record of the fastest running spacecraft on the sun.

Earlier in April 1976, Helios 2 made the record of having the fastest specification with a speed of 2 lakh 46 thousand 960 km per hour. Parker’s closest encounter to the Sun may be October 31. It is believed that in the year 2024 it will be closest to the Sun, which is a distance of 30 million 83 thousand km from the surface of the Sun.