Microsoft introduces 'Windows 1.0' and networks went crazy

Microsoft introduces ‘Windows 1.0’ and networks went crazy


Much has been speculated in recent months about the future of the Windows Operating System as several specialized media have commented that this will be the end of this S.O.

Already a few weeks ago, during Computer 2019, Microsoft announced that they are working on a new operating system, without giving many details regarding this statement.

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Yesterday, a publication of the official Windows account turned the technological world on its head, and, surprisingly, announced the completely new Windows 1.0.

Immediately, hundreds of users wondered if it was a joke or some business strategy of the company founded by Bill Gates. However, this could be the beginning of something totally interesting.

The Redmond gave way to theories that would speak of a new ‘Windows’ but not with that name.

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The publication of Twitter talks about the ‘new’ improvements that Windows 1.0 has, including the use of MS-Dos, the clock, and the file manager.

Windows 1.0 was launched in the year 1985, 33 years ago, and after its departure marked a before and after in the world of operating systems.

At the moment we have to wait for the guys from Microsoft to reveal more details of what they are up to.