Gigabyte Designare, 64GB high capacity DDR4-3200 memory

Gigabyte Designare, 64GB high capacity DDR4-3200 memory


64GB Gigabyte Designare is a DDR4 memory kit optimized for multitasking processing that requires ample memory bandwidth and a low latency environment.

Gigabyte Designare offers a 64GB DDR4-3200 memory kit

Combining the selected memory chips, the high quality PCB and the anodized aluminum heat sink, it supports a high frequency operation of 3,200 MHz and a low latency unit of 16-18-18-38. The capacity is 32GBx2 and allows a large memory capacity of up to 256GB.


Memory size: 64GB Kit (2 x 32GB)
Frequency: DDR4-3200 MHz
Times: 16-18-18-38
Guaranteed quality 100% qualified and optimized
Effective heat sinks with anodized aluminum
JEDEC DDR4 industrial standard
Limited lifetime warranty

Gigabyte mentions a proven CL16, but it is listed: 19-19-19-43 for Intel / 20-19-19-43 for AMD Ryzen.

GIGABYTE has tested these modules to work on all AMD X570, AMD B450, AMD TRX40, Intel X299, and Intel Z390 motherboards. However, for X570 and B450, the company states that only third-generation “Matisse” processors can handle this memory density.

The memory size is 133 mm wide, 32 mm high and 7 mm thick. So far, it is not known what the price at which this Gigabyte high capacity memory kit will be sold. We will keep you informed.