How to Get a Shiny Zapdos for Yourself on the Raid Reward Day of Pokémon Go

Get a Shiny Zapdos for Yourself on the Raid Reward Day of Pokemon Go

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Pokémon Go has come up with another limited time offer, which is the raid reward day for the whole world, the ones who have completed 15.1 million research tasks at the weekend of Pokémon Go Fest last week.

As the expectations have been, a second shiny legendary bird, Zapdos has come out of it. Now Zapdos is life in specific regions for a raiding window of three hours. It starts at 11 AM PT in America.

If one gets to catch Zapdos today, it would know Thundershock as a fast move, but of course, the real gift is to get one’s hands on a shiny version, which will have a catch rate of 100%, if anyone can get hold of one.

The color of shiny Articuno was little lighter than the original version, but shiny Zapdos is colored in the darker yellow shade. This is not a dramatic color transformation, just like it is in case of Charizard or Dragonite, which is shameful but unfortunately, that’s precisely how legendary shiny birds like these are. One has to recognize through the sparkles.

Now, how one can get hold of one?

Information is still pouring in as to how often shiny Zapdos are getting released in Pokémon Go today. If Niantic receives to mirror the rates from Articuno day that would mean, the price of spawning would roughly around 4%, quite similar to what it is for the shinnies of Community Day. Still, unlike Community Day, the farming raid is a lot harder task than to catch the uncountable spawning wild Pokémon.

In case the rate of Zapdos is 4% that would mean, out of one’s free five raid passes, no one is quite likely to see even one. The players would require carrying out 25 raids of Zapdos in three hours’ time so that they can have an average shot at finding at least 1 out of 25.

This is not like the Community Day, so one needs to make the most of this opportunity to get a shiny version of that Pokemon, Zapdos.