Chandrayaan-3 launch date: ISRO announced the second week of July

Chandrayaan-3 launch date: ISRO announced the second week of July


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chief S. Somnath has confirmed when Chandrayaan-3 will be launched. Chandrayaan-3, the proposed third lunar exploration mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), was launched on July 14, 2023 at 2:35 pm IST. It is intended to be a follow-up mission to Chandrayaan-2, which was launched in July 2019.

The primary objective of Chandrayaan-3 is to further expand India’s knowledge and understanding of the Moon. The mission will focus on conducting advanced scientific experiments, including studying the lunar surface, mineralogy, lunar exosphere, and searching for water ice in the polar regions of the Moon.

Chandrayaan-3 is expected to consist of an orbiter, lander, and rover, similar to Chandrayaan-2. The orbiter will remain in lunar orbit, while the lander will attempt a soft landing on the lunar surface. The rover will then be deployed to explore and analyze the lunar terrain.

The development and launch of Chandrayaan-3 faced delays due to the learnings from the Chandrayaan-2 mission. ISRO took time to analyze and rectify the issues encountered during the landing phase of Chandrayaan-2’s lander, Vikram. The aim is to ensure a successful soft landing and operational deployment of the rover during the upcoming mission.

ISRO had announced a specific launch date of July 14, 2023, for Chandrayaan-3. The mission is expected to be launched in the near future, once all the technical and operational challenges are addressed. For the most up-to-date information, I recommend checking official announcements from ISRO or reliable space news sources.