Apple reduces trade-in value of used devices

Apple reduces trade-in value of used devices


The Trade In program encourages users to trade in their old iPhone or iPad for shopping credit. This way you pay less for your new device and you get rid of your old device. Many people just throw their old device somewhere in a drawer and no longer have to worry about it.

You just take your old device with you when you look at a new one. At the checkout you can choose to return the old device for a certain amount. In this way you do not have to think of Marketplace or other second-hand options.

Trade In offers less
After research it appeared that Apple does not care much for your used device. Which is strange in itself, because Apple is trying to show Trade In that they think recycling is important. Incidentally, that was not apparent from the reimbursement you received – and it has now become even less. For a Macbook Pro you have received a maximum of € 1,200 up to now. Now this has changed to a maximum of € 690. For an iPhone XS Max you previously received a maximum of € 490, now this is € 420.

The iPad reimbursement has also fallen
The reduction in shop credit applies to almost all product groups. An iPad Pro initially generated a maximum of € 250, but now you cannot get more than € 210 for it. Second-hand Selling provides much more. Apple only mentions the maximum prices, so in reality you will get even less for it in most cases.

If you no longer want to deal with Marketplace buyers, you can also go to one of the many recycling and refurbish companies. They also give relatively little compared to Marktplaats or the like, but it is always better than what Apple gives.