Apple CEO Tim Cook's Surprise China Visit During iPhone 15 Launch

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Surprise China Visit During iPhone 15 Launch


Apple President Tim Cook made a surprise visit to Chinese territory during the first week of the official launch of the iPhone 15, its new series that includes mobile phones.

The CEO was in one of the Apple Stores in Chengdu, the southwestern part of China, and was urged by the store to try Honor of Kings, a game that was developed through TiMi Studio, owned by Tencent, the Chinese company.

It is interesting to note that his first remarks in the territory were focused on the side of gamers, urging the gamer community to keep playing and highlighting the way their passion for games helps apps make a mark in the world.

“Honor of Kings,” full of action, began in Chengdu and has become an international phenomenon on the App Store,” he said.

He also shared a video on his social media, urging participants to join the tournament. The video game is among the most popular in the nation and serves as the main source of revenue for the massive

However, the reason for Tim Cook’s visit is the launch of the iPhone 15. In particular, it’s being confronted with Huawei’s attempt to be at the top of the line with the Mate 60 Pro with a 5G chip that is entirely indigenous.

According to analysts interviewed by CNBC, the renewed interest that has resurfaced for Huawei has enabled it to be surpassed by Apple. This is a situation that was not witnessed prior to the tech blockade imposed by the United States.

Furthermore, iPhone reception is mild in the United States as well, with figures slightly lower than 2022. Counterpoint Research noted that sales of units from the new line were 4.5 percent lower than those of the iPhone 14 in its first 17 days.

“It’s an uphill climb for Apple, and it’s certainly the result of a variety of factors that have caused it,” said Ethan Qi, who is associate director at Counterpoint Research. He said that the slightly higher performance of the basic version that comes with the iPhone 15 compared to the older model, as well as the growing competition in the premium smartphone market, have led to a decline in sales.