Amazon Alexa and Siri female voice assistant are poor: UN

Amazon Alexa and Siri female voice assistant are poor: UN


Amazon’s Virtual Assistant Alexa is working as a smart speaker in most of the homes, and it is also becoming popular as Apple’s series. But there is a female voice in the voice assistant with Artificial Intelligence capabilities, and it may be possible to see changes in the voice in the future because this voice assistant is promoting gender discrimination.

In a study conducted by the United Nations, it has been revealed that the voice used by these smart speakers promotes the idea that women are ‘charming’ because they are ‘excited to be obedient and happy’. Apart from this, the method of responding to female Ai is also described as gender bias because its reaction is ‘defamed, expressive and sad’. The UNESCO report titled ‘I’d Blush If I Could’, it has been said that technology companies should stop calling female voices for voice assistants by default, and at the same time, more and more women do not even care about these things. Should do. The title of the report was taken from Apple’s first mobile assistant, a standard response from Serie, when given the reaction to Automated Voice gave this response.

This 146-page report states, “Companies like Apple and Amazon, which have a large number of male engineering teams, have created such AI systems in which they can use verbal abortion as well as their feminized digital assisted flirt. is.’ According to the report, “Because there is a female voice in most voice assistants, it indicates that women are only domestic assistants and only available on command like ‘A’ button or ‘hey’ and ‘ok’.

According to research firm Canalis, about 10 million smart speakers were sold in 2018. It has also been reported in the UN report, “In many communities, it shows gender discrimination that women are bullish and tolerant towards poor behaviour.”

These voice assistants manage around 1 billion Tasks every month, including information from music play to weather and recipe. In this report, the developers have been asked to make a neutral machine gender for voice assistants.

Research firm Gartner estimates that by 2020, people will talk more with their voice assistant than their spouse.

At the end of the UNESCO report, it was said that more women are needed in the development of technology and smart speakers so that these machines can be prevented from responding in the profane language in the future.